Point-of-care COVID-19 testing with STOPCovid

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STOPCovid is an effort to develop point-of-care and at-home tests for COVID-19. Developed by scientists at MIT, the McGovern Institute, and the Broad Institute, our test relies on a number of enzyme innovations to enable rapid detection in less than an hour without any complex instrumentation. We are committed to providing simple and easy-to-use tests that can be used in any setting so that society can reopen. On our website, we will provide updates as well as live clinical data from within our collaborator network. We are committed to working with partners to validate and distribute test kits. Please reach out to us (STOPcovid@mit.edu) if you are interested in working with us!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The STOPCovid kit and protocol should not be used for clinical purposes. Although we have validated the kit on patient samples, this test is not FDA authorized. We welcome researchers working with COVID-19 samples to request a starter kit for further experimental testing. We hope this protocol will provide some reference points for researchers interested in further advancing this diagnostic platform and also welcome researchers to contact us for assistance or guidance.

Recent Updates

May 4, 2020
We are releasing our point-of-care SHERLOCK protocol for COVID-19 detection. In addition to a white paper (link above), we have a detailed protocol and are making kits widely available for research. Please apply for research-only kits here.
Feb 14, 2020
We released our first version of our SHERLOCK COVID-19 test in a two-step format amenable for research settings, hospitals, and complex testing labs. More information can be found here, including a detailed protocol.

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